AI-Kindergarten: Machines that dream


Intelligent robots will need to be bred and raised, not programmed.


A brief introduction into AI-Kindergarten.: pdf-



A video of a talk on AI-Kindergarten at re:publica:


… the law of AI-creation can be used to create AI of any adaptive complexity.


A TEDx talk on AI-Kindergarten at the European Space Agency:

Rise of the AI 2016




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Why deep neural nets cannot ever match biological intelligence and what to do about it?
International Journal of Automation and Computing: 1-10.

Nikolić, D. (2015) Machines that dream: A brief introduction into developing artificial general intelligence through AI-Kindergarten.: pdf-

Nikolić, D. (2015) Super-intelligent AI: How it needs to be organized.
(a.k.a, Only T3-AI can reach human-level intelligence: A variety argument. arXiv)

Nikolić, D. (patent pending) AI-Kindergarten: A method for developing biological-like artificial intelligence.

Nikolić, D. (upcoming) Cybernetic-knowledge transfer theory.

Nikolić, D. (upcoming) Formal definition of practopoietic hierarchy.


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